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Who uses BTC?
People often ask me, "What kind of people work with BCT?". There is no specific "type" or criteria. People from all walks of life find benefit from understanding the play of their conscious/subconscious mind. The following case studies are examples of clients who have made life changes using BCT.

Phillip is 29 years old when he comes to see me. He tells me that he has just lost over 4 million pounds in a bad business deal. He does not want to lose the only million that he has left, and wants to understand where he went wrong and why this has happened to him.

In Phillip’s session we are shown that he used some unscrupulous shortcuts in his business deals that triggered a karmic lesson of guilt leading to self punishment.

After clearing on this issue, Phillip was able to recognise that his karma was not to repeat the negative pattern of acquiring wealth through shortcuts and dishonesty. Through understanding this karma, Phillip was able to build his wealth again in the confidence that his honest dealings could and would be rewarded.

Penny is 42 years old when she comes to see me. She tells me that she has been trying to get pregnant for the last 7 years. Penny says, “I have come to terms with not having a child, but I need to understand why I can’t have a child when other women can.” During Penny’s sessions we discover that her mother was alcoholic and her father was extremely weak. Penny was constantly told, “You’re just like your mother!”

Penny remembered telling herself when she was about 11 years old that she would never become a mother, because she would never want to make a child as unhappy as her mother had made her.

Penny cleared this issue, became pregnant and now has a beautiful little boy. She loves motherhood.

Joe is brought to me by his mother. She is concerned that he is being bullied at school. Joe is 12 years old, polite and intelligent. Through our session we discover that Joe’s father wants Joe to be “just like him” and pushes Joe to aspire to great things on the sports field. When Joe doesn’t achieve the success he feels his father demands, he feels isolated by failure and bullied by his father's expectations. Joe’s subconscious has learned how to be comfortable seeing himself as isolated and bullied. He expects to fail. Therefore he has begun to attract people in his life that confirm this pattern.

After clearing on the issue of failure based in isolation, Joe was able to recognise that he no longer needed to loath himself for not being like his father. Understanding this concept and learning to stand in his own self worth enabled Joe to break the expectation of being bullied. Joe is no longer bullied by his father or at school.

Susan is 39 when she comes to see me. She tells me that she is very successful professional woman, has no financial worries and should be really happy. But Susan tells me, “I’m not. I spend most of my days just wanting to commit suicide.” Susan says, “I put on a face of everything being OK, but it isn’t. Even having my children doesn’t make me want to live, and that makes me feel even more guilty and wretched.”

During Susan’s sessions we discover that although within her career Susan is unstoppable, within her home life she feels that her husband is a subtle controller, who constantly undermines her ability as a mother. This issue has been greatly exacerbated by the fact that her hormones are out of balance causing psychological chaos. We balanced Susan’s hormones and cleared on the issue of “loss of power”.

After clearing, Susan was able to acknowledge her value within the home. She found that the ability to use positive boundary lines at home has given her balanced power, and clarity in her mind and future.

Ian is 22 years old when he comes to see me. He had a heroin addiction for 4 years, and used softer drugs for 2 years prior to that. He tells me that his father is alcoholic and was violent towards his mother for most of this childhood. His mother self-harms. He loves his mother, but he has never been able to keep her safe from his father or from herself.

Ian’s subconscious believes that his inability to be successful in taking responsibility for another needs to be punished through self destruction.

After clearing on the issue of imbalanced responsibility, Ian was able to see that no matter what he did, he would not have been able to change the situation. He recognised that his mother chose to stay in her situation out of fear, and his father out of the need for power. Ian has been drug- and alcohol-free for the past eight months and can now visit his mother without confrontation.

Sylvia is 41 years old when she comes to see me. She is happily married and has 2 children. She is trained as an actress but never gained great success. Her passion in life is to have her writing published. She has written 3 novels, all of which have had rave reviews from the publishing house readers, but.. they still remain unpublished.

In Sylvia’s session we discover that throughout her childhood, her father (who was an actor) would continually tell her that women were useless and that she would never amount to anything. Sylvia’s challenge though this lifetime was to come into her power of self-belief, overriding the jealousy and rivalry of her father.

After clearing on this issue, Sylvia was offered a large part in the West End and is on track for having her first novel published.

Marion is 34 years old when she comes to see me. She tells me that she lost her partner in the tsunami. They should have left the village they were staying in the day before, but the sea had cleared for diving so they stayed an extra day. They were packing to leave as the first wave struck them, and she has never seen her partner again, nor his body ever been found. Marion just wants to understand why she had to lose the only person she had ever felt she’d loved.

After clearing on the issue of love and loss, we discovered that Marion carried a karmic lesson of having to survive loss. Although Marion’s loss remains with her, she is able to live with an understanding and a sense of purpose that helps her through her daily life.

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