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What is Block Clearance Therapy (BCT)?
Block Clearance Therapy is a system of self-responsibility and soul choice that explores an individual's soul journey, with the purpose of changing those negative perceptions and behaviour patterns held within the subconscious mind that block one's ability to see the next step forward in a positive direction.

It is a unique system in that it offers individuals the ability to “see for themselves” -

  • When their patterns were “programmed”
  • Why their subconscious “saves” negative patterns
  • How these negative patterns are now resulting in problems within their lives, relationships or work situations which are now leading to frustration, depression, physical illness, addictions, rage or despair

BCT offers the tools to:

  • Explore one's soul journey and purpose in this lifetime
  • Find the messages behind negative subconscious patterns
  • Understand the lessons within the messages
  • Deal with the emotion around those lessons

Together we then re-pattern the subconscious through:

  • Re-conditioning patterns that no longer serve you
  • Re-connect you to stored knowledge
  • Upgrade you to the subconscious programming that brings you the desired changes within your life

The job of a Block Clearance Therapist is to:

  • Enable a client to enter their subconscious records which hold current perceptions and created patterns, using visualisation techniques
  • Help their client understand how these patterns were programmed into the subconscious, why they were programmed, and how they served the client at that time
  • To facilitate interaction between the client and their subconscious, allowing them to know that it is now safe for them to change a programmed negative perception
  • Enable a client to inform their subconscious that it is now their desire to change this programmed negative perception
  • To supply a system which allows a client to re-pattern their subconscious to work with them

BCT does not work through hypnosis. You, the client, are the administrator, and you hold the key.
Block Clearance therapists -

  • Will never override your subconscious
  • Will never go against your subconscious
  • Will never make an assumption as to what your soul journey is or where your subconscious wants to work
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