Pictures from Weekend Five
Greetings to all!

This weekend workshop is always a unique journey for everyone who participates.
It is an exceptional privilege to be invited to watch and listen as someone walks inside their own private soul experience to communicate with the subconscious records which “make us who we are”.

Weekend workshop 5 offers the chance to experience a
‘fly on the wall’ view of the tremendous power of our subconscious. This power (whether held as a positive force or as solid blocks to our understanding) has a hold over every choice and subsequent decision we make in our lifetimes.

Workshop 5 also offers the opportunity for us to personally acknowledge and affirm our subconscious database, learn its language and then moves us even one step further as we actively choose to interact with our ‘best friend’

On a personal note
This has been a wonderful series. Some of you will be continuing on to the more
in-depth Level 1 course. Some of you will be picking up Weekend Workshops that you missed which start again soon (see foundation course schedule). Whichever path you take may I say that your company and interaction in this series was a fantastic experience!
I look forward to seeing you all again.
All the best,



What they said:

“Sensitive dealing with confidentiality issues.”

“Thorough explanations linked with causes and effects.”

“Lovely environment of respect, love and understanding.”

“I feel hugely enriched, moved on in my personal journey.”

“I found a lot of clarity and wisdom and increased my awareness on dealing with deeply personal emotional issues. “

“I gained new friends and a much wider perspective of life!”

“Thank you for another fascinating week-end course Tricia. I feel I now have a better understanding of Block Clearance, a better insight into my own subconscious and have more
faith in the meditation process and it’s value.”

“I found the question and answer sessions very useful and congratulate you on your patient and sensitive handling of some of our naïve queries.”

“Really enjoyed this weekend. Relaxed pace, very interesting content and good practical application.”

“Your course is grounded in a firm base of wisdom and knowledge.”

“I missed weekend workshop 2 and can’t wait until you run it again. This weekend I saw how the subconscious symbols all made sense when you interpreted them for us and I think it will make such a difference to learn to interpret my own meditations and subconscious

“Thanks to your support team for all their hard work. I really appreciated it.”

“The meditations have affirmed my purpose for me so I know that I am on track. You have helped me to realise how to achieve this.”

“The grounds, the trees, the pond, the atmosphere… it felt like a small piece of heaven.”




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