Pictures from Weekend Four
Greetings to all!

This was a jam packed weekend. With so much information to cover in this weekend workshop focus is everything, and at times you could hear a pin drop. How great it was to see everyone so full of conversation and to hear intense discussion going on through the coffee breaks and lunch hour as people digested far more than just food!

In Weekend Workshop 5 we move a step further and look in on a Block Clearance session. Volunteers for clearing will offer us a chance to experience the subconscious at work from an outside perspective. We get the rare chance to watch energy levels and body language change as the subconscious interacts with its patterning within the conscious mind. We hope many of you will be free to join us.
See you then,


What they said:

“Saturday a.m. was riveting, disconcerting yet motivating stuff.”

“This workshop should be part of NCT classes for new parents and teacher training…not to mention the rest of the population!”

“I used some of the information from the course in a board meeting this week and it changed both the direction we were taking in resolving the issue and the attitude of those involved.”

“The section on earth changes and soul choices was like being privileged to know classified information and then turned into a realisation that this is all part of our innate knowledge and awareness that somehow we have lost.”

“Tricia’s enlightening and reassuring way of giving information and answering all questions left me feeling this was no big secret or something to fear, more that I had a right to know and could be content to take my awareness forward in the way that I choose.”

“We had the best family dinner discussion in years.”

“I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this process and to be able to assimilate it with a positive and constructive approach.”

“Numerology – wow, sceptic converts to numerologist in 2 ½ hours!”

“Numbers have never been my thing, but I think this system could be.”

“I still haven’t stopped doing the numbers for everyone I know. It’s been a revelation. Thank you.”

“By the end of workshop 5, I can see I will need an 8 or 9 day week to fit in the amount of new things now in my life to study and try out!”

“The class exercises were a light and interesting break in the weekend.”

“The class exercises were brilliant and a good way to explore how subconscious mind shows up in how we express ourselves in everyday contact with others – an extension of awareness of body language that I use already, especially at work.”

“On the emotional causes section, already a Louise Hay convert, this session furthered my knowledge and interest in this area.”

“Being ill in my family will never be the same again!”

“I started looking back through the generations and found a pattern of illness that was behaviour related. Amazing.”

“Useful explanations and further insight into Affirmations, which I have used and benefited from doing before but never knew why.”

“The affirmation session was great. Louise Hay’s coverage on this topic is not as good as Tricia’s.”

“Very nice to share time with like minded people.”

“Returning to work on Monday was a real back to “normality” with a bump!”

“Good handouts, as ever, thank you.”



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