Pictures from Weekend Three
Greetings to all!

Weekend Workshop 3 found us experiencing some inclement weather during our Ley line field trip to Tony and Lyn’s. There we found generous hospitality in spite of the rain and cold wind. The opportunity to work inside and outside a home in such close proximity to a church offered a plethora of Ley lines to choose from and brought added understanding to our experiments with the power of geopathic energy.

These unseen energies have the ability to physically and emotionally affect us whether we are consciously aware of their presence or not.
When constantly emitted within a work environment or inside a living space in which we spend a majority of our time negative energy can create everything from low grade headaches to disastrous relationships with colleagues or loved ones.
Positive energy lines reinforce creativity and cooperation.
It is important that you know what energy surrounds you in your daily life.



What they said:

“What a fantastic field trip! Even the rain couldn’t dampen my spirits. I never thought the rods would move for me…”

“Tricia does it again. Simply inspiring weekend.”

“What a great weekend. I had a wonderful time. Interesting people, interesting topic… fascinating.”

“Can’t wait till the next workshop. How does she know so much?”

“I never knew there were different kinds of ley lines. Still a bit shaky on the difference but I can assure you I will be going through my house when I get home.”

“I found the discussion on ghosts and spirits really interesting. I loved hearing about Tricia’s experiences with the Wantage Wheel. The Ley line field trip was great. Thanks Tony and Lynn for your hospitality.”

“This was a terrific weekend, I for one was just hanging on Tricia's every word.”

“Well organized, well managed, beautifully presented – altogether very professional indeed.”

“I never understood that there was a difference between a ghost and a spirit. It was worth the weekend just to sort that out in my head.”

“A truly fascinating weekend! What an interesting bunch of people too.”

“What a challenge. Sorting out the altar lines from the water lines from the electric pull. I need to practice, but now at least I know what I’m looking for. The most fascinating thing for me was that you could feel the rods move in your hands. Everything would be still and you’d think, ‘It’s not working for me…and then suddenly the rods would zip to the left or the right and you would know absolutely that it wasn’t you who did it. Great weekend thank you so much.”

“It was a truly amazing weekend. Who’d have thought you could have so much fun in a field with the rain pouring down! Fantastic place and great people. I can’t wait for the next one.”

“We really enjoyed the site visit and the biscuits (aw c'mon, lighten up !) We struggled to hear some of the other peoples questions. Perhaps you would address this?”

Note from Tricia:

Weekend 3 is the one weekend which allows interactive in questioning throughout. We have taken on your point about making sure to repeat questions asked by others
in the group. Thank you for all your input and we are thrilled so many of you enjoyed yourselves so much. Again, all our thanks to our gracious hosts Lyn and Tony.

Weekend Workshop 4 carries on the information gained here by showing how the subconscious stores its experiences in patterns and offers understanding of numerology and emotional causes behind physical illnesses. We begin the process of understanding how to repattern the subconscious to work for us as we are now and lead us to the place we want to be. Looking forward to next time,



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