Pictures from Weekend Two
Greetings to all!

Well, what a packed weekend! Twenty four of us laughed as we studied and processed the language of the subconscious. New friendships and ideas are already beginning to form. I had a wonderful time working with all of you; those who returned from weekend one, and those who joined us for the first time.

Weekend Three sees us adding a special field trip to work with different types of Ley lines, adding another dimension to our understanding of the "unseen" physical energies that we walk through in our daily lives. Do you have Ley lines running through your home that are affecting you?

Much love, see you next month -



What they said:

"What a packed weekend! I feel rather overwhelmed and daunted by the amount of information required... The paperwork is of a high standard, facilities good. Company interesting. A nice group of people seem to gravitate to this centre."

"Felt the whole 2 days were very precise with a good structure, so no confusion was felt at all. Questions were answered fully. Was purely non-judgemental, with very comfortable surroundings, so very easy to absorb and understand information given to learn. I would like to learn more about the other dimensions at some point."

"I enjoyed it all - I enjoyed working in a group and hearing specific stories/case studies from Tricia’s working life - in relation to karmic patterns and life lessons especially. I learned some background on how the visualisation symbols have meaning and how to interpret them. The animal cards held very interesting and exciting info for the future work. I would like to spend some more time exploring the effects that colour has in conscious/subconscious links."

"Fascinating course. Very insightful. A huge amount of material covered which promotes self learning and development. I am now interested in receiving specific tasks to carry out at home to be used in 1 to 1 sessions."

"I enjoyed all of it. Could you suggest a reading list and where to get animal cards (and which ones?)"

"Really nice to get my brain thinking again. Love the practical work. Really enjoying the workshops. Helping me to consider what way I should be going work wise..."

"More time for questions would have been useful... also cushions for seats!" Overall good pace, informative."

"Really enjoyed this weekend. I felt a real connection to the work we covered. Couldn’t have fitted in any more knowledge - limit to my input power! Many thanks."

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