Pictures from Weekend One
Greetings to all!

What a busy time with the first in our series of weekend workshops bringing together people from all walks of life. The barn resonated with laughter and fascination as everyone discovered how to find and work with each others energies.

There are always those wonderful moments when for the first time one feels the pull of the pendulum, or experiences one's own ability to retract or expand energy and sees it confirmed through the use of a physical device.

We had a great time finding allergies (on both physical and emotional levels!) and began the process of connecting to and using our frontal lobe.

Weekend Workshop 2 explores the coded messages of our subconscious mind.
I hope many of you will join us. See you then!



What they said:

"Helpful, encouraging and informative. Reassuring and enlightening. Thank you."

"Such a lovely venue for this, its size and comfortable atmosphere offering an intimacy for the group yet with space."

"Questions were welcomed, which helped the anxiety when trying new things."

“Illuminating allergy testing techniques that will make a difference in my life for me and my young family.”

“Experiencing the energetic power of thought both excites me and terrifies me. I will never handle another business meeting in the same way.”

"Course material well presented, people were actually lovely."

“I always thought people must be faking it…and then my pendulum just started to move…all by itself! Fantastic!”

“It was shocking to physically see the energy changes behind negative thoughts. In the partnership challenge everytime I thought about something that infuriated me the pendulum would stop and my partner would gain control.”

“Having a physical visual tool to identify the power of my emotion has made a huge impression.”

“Super weekend. Informative, facinating, fun. Thank you Tricia, can’t wait for next month!”

“I’m a bit daunted in group situations but I learned so much and the days passed so quickly."

“I really enjoyed the time spent on allergy testing and would have liked to have even more time on this.”

“Could we please have a coat rack for next month?”

(Yes, the coat rack has been found!)

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