Here at the Centre, we carry a range of items that we have found beneficial to our clients. You can find Bach Flower Remedies, Aerobic Oxygen, Super Food, various herbal tinctures, homeopathic remedies and magazines. If you are looking for a particular item or would like to enquire about any of the above please contact Linda.

We offer the following items for sale by post -

Physical Spirit (Audio CD-ROM)

Patricia invites you to share a relaxing and wondrous journey into your inner self, accompanied by the music of Jennifer Lawrence and Fred Hageneder.

This CD contains two tracks -

Light Source
Journey to the Tree
Price : £9.99 + £0.50 Post & Packing

101 Questions about Spirit (soft-cover booklet)

This booklet covers the questions most frequently asked of mediums and spiritualists. It includes such questions as -

  • What is Spirit?
  • What are Guides?
  • If Spirit know all the answers, why don't they tell us?
  • What happens in a Spiritualist Church?
  • What happens when we pass over?

Patricia answers all the questions in a style that is both clear and informative. The answers are based on her own understanding of the subject matter, gained from her many years' experience as a medium and healer.

"I pray with all my heart", she says, "that the words contained in these pages will help you in some way to find out about you, your helpers and your unique pathway."

Price : £4.25 + £0.50 Post & Packing

Please send either a postal order or cheque to us here, made out to "The Block Clearance Foundation", and we will despatch your order promptly.

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