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Relax, Recuperate and Rejuvenate your Soul...

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What makes a stay at Lower Court different from any other spa you will ever experience?

We focus on what makes you…you!

Think of yourself as a finely tuned race car. Wash and wax the outside and to the rest of the world you look like a million dollars. But what do you really feel like under the bonnet?

Our Tree of Life ‘Spa for the Spirit’ breaks offer you the opportunity to balance and renew all three aspects of your emotional, physical and psychological “self” from the inside out.

There are many different reasons people come for a break at Lower Court:

You might have experienced a specific trauma or an unexpected jolt, maybe become exhausted by a specific issue or pattern that you just can’t understand no matter how hard you try or an illness that you just can’t crack.

You may have strived for excellence for too long without a recharge or simply want to learn more about your “self” in a relaxed but stimulating environment working with our exceptionally skilled team.

Stress, illness, the demands and desire to perform at the highest level, or even simply living life to the fullest, all affect our ability to retain physical, emotional and spiritual balance and stay at the top of our game.

What makes our program here at the Tree of Life unique is our passion and our commitment to offer you the experience and the skills to keep you balanced when you return to the expectations of your everyday life - no matter what that life looks like to you.

We invite you to learn about us, who we are, what we do, by scrolling through our web site. You will find information on each of the therapists and a brief description of what you can experience when you work with them in their field of expertise.

When you are ready, or have specific questions or requests, just email us, or pick up the phone and give us a call. Ann or Linda will be happy to help.

Pre- Arrival Consultation

Every person who visits us is special. So is Lower Court. From dietary requirements to preferred session times our programs are designed specifically for you.

Your Lower Court experience begins with a pre-arrival telephone consultation with Patricia Sterry. During this time together you discuss a program for your visit and whether you would like to stay with us or if you would prefer to choose from one of excellent hotels nearby.

Tricia has a wealth of experience of the interconnection of the medical, physiological, and spiritual worlds which she combines with the ability to listen to what you would like to take away with you at the end of your stay. Whether you can spare the time for a one day break or for a week - her skills can help you decide which therapies and therapists will be best placed to offer you the tools to fine tune your energy to move you forward with renewed vitality.

What does a typical spa package look like?

There is no typical package. Every persons needs are as unique as they themselves. What we do find however, is a strong link between our emotions and our physical cellular structure.

Most of our clients wish to start with a session with Patricia Sterry to determine where their subconscious is blocking their energy. Tricia’s ability to help you to work with your subconscious instead of overriding your subconscious is what makes BCT such an amazing experience. You can find out more about BCT and Patricia Sterry by using the links on your left.

Sports injuries may find you wanting to work with Lindsey on Cranial Sacral Therapy, Janeen in Reflexology, or Lucie in Sports Massage.

Eating disorders, overall health checks, hormonal imbalances, kidney and liver function may find you working with Mel our Naturopath and Janeen in Reflexology.

Pampering sessions may find you wanting to work with Lucie for a relaxing massage, Lindsey to balance your energy, and Mel to offer you clues through iridology as to how to improve and maintain your health.


Some people prefer to come to us by car. In this case detailed directions will be forwarded to you by email in your pre-arrival pack.

Those of you wishing to come by train can be met at Cheltenham Spa station.

You can also fly into Staverton Airport by helicopter or private plane (5 minutes away) and we are happy to meet you there. Those arriving on international flights from Heathrow, Bristol or Birmingham airports can be met and brought to Lower Court or to the Hotel of your choice.

Your Arrival

Upon your arrival you will be welcomed and given a chance to settle in.

You can choose a residential break in our 1649 grade ll listed wood beamed farmhouse, (spaces are limited in the farmhouse as we only offer accommodation to a maximum of four guests at any time) or you may prefer to stay in one of Cheltenham’s many fine hotels or B&B’s and join us during the day.

Lower Court is a small holding. Here sheep play in the fields, chicks run across the lawn, ducks sit on the pond, and the cats take the sun.

In the summer there are peaches, plums, apples and pears to pick as you ample through the orchard. You can choose a double hammock for a nap, or a swing by the pond. In the winter a wood burning stove and a huge walk in fireplace keeps you toasty as you read, choose a DVD or just dream. Even so you will still be only 5 minutes away from the centre of Cheltenham with all the amenities and cultural events it has on offer.

If you prefer to stay in Cheltenham, lunch will be on offer and you can still choose to spend as much or as little time here as you wish between your sessions.

Our therapies are based in an exceptionally converted 18thc barn and your visit will find you embraced by wood and stone which carry healing powers all of their own. The gardens here at the centre were designed by Julian Dowle and are set within five acres of orchards with bird song and peace - away from the spotlight and the public expectations of others.

Some people choose to combine their experience with a visit to one of the many festivals held in the Cheltenham area, and some are happy just to let the world float by…walking on the many footpaths, exploring the two near by 14C churches, biking through the lanes individually or together - if you come as a pair we have a tandem bicycle that is great fun - as long as one of you is over 5’5!

Whichever you prefer, your time here at Lower Court will be spent in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment. Lower Court is about joy. This is your time and it is all about you.

Dietary Requirements

One of the most special things about staying here at Lower Court is that the food is completely organic and tailored to your bodies needs. Our gardens and orchard provide a wealth of produce and our sheep and chickens live a completely holistic lifestyle.

We offer a wide range of choice and ample opportunity to taste new foods. If you have opted to work with Patricia Sterry, Melanie White and Janeen Hunt, we will have an exceptionally good idea about which foods and herbs will best invigorate your system and we can offer you fantastic new foods and tastes to trial using ingredients specifically designed to work for you.

If you enjoy cooking at home we are happy to share recipes you can take with you. If you find yourself usually in a hurry and eating on the run we can also show you how to alter foods you buy in the whole food section of your local stores to add quality and avoid allergic or hormonal reactions. From pizzas to pastas to chocolate cake just the smallest differences can change your body’s ability to absorb and utilize energy.

Your sessions

Everyone is different. Some people like to sleep in while others are up at the crack of dawn. In your pre-arrival consultation you will have organized which therapies you would like, in what order, and how you would like to space them within your free time during your visit.

As you click through the links to your left you will see that our therapists are highly qualified and offer a diverse range of treatments. If you find one or several that you are particularly interested in working with, mention this to Tricia in your pre-arrival consultation so we can make sure they are available to work with you during your stay.

Energy is a living moving force. Your therapists may find the need to speed up your system or they may find areas in your body and spirit that need to relax. The wonderful thing about this spa break is that sessions can be tailored for you, allowing the time necessary to balance you without worrying should they, and you, need extra time.

Should you wish to work with a wide variety of therapists this can be arranged in your pre-visit consultation. Be aware however that when working with energy sometimes your body needs to settle into the new changes and by pushing yourself to experience everything you can over-tune the engine. If we feel that your body cannot support your supplemental sessions we will ask you to wait and experience them at a later date.

Your Departure

We like the people who come to stay. Each one has had an amazing journey that has brought them to our door. Whether actors or bankers, mothers, corporate executives, homemakers, doctors, teachers, inventors, artists, sportsmen and women, or people who know they have been born to do something special and have not yet found their special gift, each one brings something unique to share which stays with us when they leave.

Patricia and Mel often continue communications through telephone consultations with those who are working abroad or unable to come exactly when the need arises. After your stay with us the therapists you have worked with will always be a telephone connection away. We also hope that your experience of Lower Court will inspire you to come back for more!

To enquire about our Spa for the Spirit breaks or to ask specific questions please contact Linda on 01242 680450.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon.

To find a copy of the Times good spa guide review of our “Spa for the Spirit” program simply click on the following link:

Alternatively, simply read the comments of some of our recent guests:


What they said:

Tricia and Beth,
Thank you so much for our stay with you. The session with Tricia was so enlightening and will, I’m sure, have great results. I so enjoyed staying at the house for the first time and felt very warm, welcome and safe in the loving energy of both the house and garden, and a new experience in scrambled eggs – yummy! I
t was glorious to sit on the lawn in the sun and read – something I usually tell myself I don’t have time to do – the only intrusion being the cheep of the chicks, who would scamper away when I looked up – running in what seemed like trousers that were too long and tweed bear bottoms! We
will see you again.
Thank you so much,

Dear Tricia and team,
Thank you so much for our great hen weekend. Everyone was still talking about it at the wedding reception! We all had a wonderful time. Now we want to send the boys! The wedding was beautiful and I’ve sent along a few pictures. Special thanks to you Tricia for your insights. My nerves were steady on the day and I know I truly have the man of my dreams!
Love to all,

To Tricia and Beth,
Thank you for our stay with you. The house is peaceful yet fun and it felt like such a safe place. The session with Tricia was really important to me and I am so grateful for her time and talent and care. The work was powerful for me and I really cherish you Tricia for the rare and wonderful talent that you have brought to this world. Long may you enjoy your work. Beth, it was such a pleasure talking with you. I enjoyed every moment of the time we spent chatting. Thank you for your beautiful house.

Dear Tricia and Beth,
What a special experience. I loved the atmosphere in the barn and the laughter and easy way of your home. I have never experienced reflexology like that before, please thank Janeen for me. Mel’s herbs I’m sure will keep me in top shape and Tricia, your warmth and knowledge means more than I can say – one 2 hour session was far more valuable than my last 10 years of therapy! Beth, great food and great laughs! I can’t wait to see you all again.
Love and many thanks,

Beth and Tricia,
Thank you for your generous hospitality. Gemma and I had such a wonderful time. My daughter has fallen in love with the lambs and I think will be talking about Pepper all the way home! I’ve fallen in love with books, fires, and laughter all over again. Tricia, you’ve made such a difference in both our lives. We will miss you.
Love and hugs,
Gemma and Samantha

Dear Beth and Tricia
We just want to thank you for a lovely visit. The experience was so much better than the review in the Times. Yes, the food was fantastic, but that was nothing compared to the support and knowledge we gained in your company. Please give our thanks to all of your team. We had a wonderful time.
All the best,
Frank and Izzi


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