Personal Discovery Courses
During the last 20 years of working with people there are certain questions that have been asked of Patricia Sterry time and time again:
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • Why can’t I be successful?
  • Why is my life so hard?
  • Why do I make the same mistakes over and over again?
  • Why do I struggle with money?
  • What happens when I die?
  • What are past lives.. how do they affect me today?

When looking for understanding, many of us look to others for the answers that we hold within ourselves. Personal Discovery courses give you the tools to access your soul choice, and show you how to travel inside your subconscious to reach an understanding of the purpose behind your unique soul journey.

People often ask Tricia if someone can learn to clear oneself. Her answer is – “Absolutely!

Understanding the subconscious means learning its language. Our subconscious is speaking to us all the time. It's just that we simply can’t hear it, choose to ignore it, or cannot interpret it’s symbolic messages.

In Personal Discovery courses, we follow on from the foundation courses and delve into the techniques you will use to achieve direct communication with the worlds finest specialist on you.…your “self”.

Personal Discovery courses cover:

  • Techniques used to locate and clear subconscious blocks
  • Interpreting subconscious symbols
  • Understanding the Four Root system
  • Questioning your Child
  • Re-patterning the subconscious constructively
  • Past life discovery

These courses take place one Saturday per month, over a 18-month period. Courses are fun, intense, informative and expansive. They are taught only by Patricia Sterry and offer a unique chance to work with this amazing woman.


If you wish to sign up for this course you will need the basic skills and understanding gained from attending all five BCT Workshops . Personal Discovery is a non-exam course.


Please feel free to call Linda at the Foundation for further information regarding course schedules and fees.

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