Bowel Liver Brain Workshop Reviews


What they said:

“Commonly something of a ‘no-go’ area, the Bowel in Tricia’s hands presented as a truly fascinating and clearly vital part of our bodies that we need to care more about in terms of our whole physical, mental and emotional well being.”

“Educational, amusing, shocking…Tricia did a fantastic job bringing together several tips of the icebergs regarding organs and functions. I felt she presented the whole anatomical journey to achieve a logical and understandable overview with enough information that served to empower us to make our own choices.”

“Food terrific!! Great course in a comfortable and friendly environment.”

“Thank you for the wonderful research you have done! A one day seminar does not give it justice but I hugely appreciate the value of the knowledge you so generously shared with us! Great!”

“I loved this course. Thank you for the sheets which back up the day. This is a lot of information to take in.”

“Very interesting to understand the links between the physical symptoms of congestion of the bowel and the emotional causes. Much more holistic than the usual information on ‘keeping healthy’. Amazing food, can’t wait to try the millet mash and onion gravy at home! Thank you Beth and Tricia.”

“Very useful and comprehensive information. Loved the food! Thank you very much!”

“The impact our diet has on our brain and hormone system was more far-reaching than I previously thought. We were probably a captive audience of living examples of all that Tricia was illustrating.”

“Beth served us fabulous nibbles and a delicious lunch, really nourishing which added to the day brilliantly. Thank you!”

“A lot of information to take in in one day but it is well backed up in written materials.”

“Thank you Tricia – a very informative course. It has been fascinating to trace the journey of food and its effect on the body – good and bad.”

“Valuable, instructive and helpful…delivered in a fun and entertaining way. Thank you for the delicious and nutritious food.”

“Great to understand a bit more about the huge impact of how what we eat impacts on our body and emotions.”

“Very useful information about the liver-hormone-pituitary gland – thyroid and emotional causes link. Also interesting to see what additives I should be avoiding.”

“To dump or not to dump…that is the question I’m sure we all left with, in real consideration that there is no need to visit the loo for our bowels excretions to ‘pass’ to the liver..challenging stuff, given current trends in lifestyles, the food industry and the economy.”

“Really useful practical information that I feel I can actually apply to my everyday life. A big wake up call to take seriously what I put into my body and exactly what affects it is causing.”

“Amazing food! Loved the salad and lentil stew..millet mash will have to grow on me! Carob low sugar chocolate brownies have a richer a deeper taste than the 90% chocolate ones.”

“Really enjoyed the workshop! Trish explained things in an easy-to-understand manner, giving enough depth without overwhelming. Now it’s just a question of trying to apply all of this new knowledge to every-day life. The delicious food was wonderful and inspires to cook more at home.”

“I enjoyed the workshop and found it very informative and well structured. Thank you.”

“Very informative and easy to digest! (Pun intended!) Fab brownies too!”

“Scary to think what’s in our foods and how to correct the problems our modern day foods cause. Beth’s food was amazing. Brilliant demonstrations by Tricia, clear, confident and inspirational delivery.”

“Excellent! I found the workshop extremely interesting. Will definitely be coming to more. And what great food. Thanks Beth.”

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