What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic treatment, holistic meaning “whole”, which addresses the need for the body to find its own natural balance. It is based on the premise that all the glands, organs and structures of the body have a corresponding reflex point in the feet.

How does it work?

By using a specific compression technique on the feet, the reflexologist detects imbalances and releases the congestion which stops your system working efficiently.

The job of a good reflexologist is to move this congestion, expelling toxins and waste that have built up in the body to:

  • Allow nutrients to absorb where they should
  • Break down tension in the nervous system and release stress
  • Increase the activity of the circulatory system

What conditions may be treatable with reflexology?

Here are just a few examples of what can be treated -
  • Blood circulation and lymphatic system
  • Digestive disorders and constipation
  • Imbalances in the hormone system, leading to menstrual, infertility, menopausal or prostate problems
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Migraines and skin conditions
  • Sinus problems
  • Backache/Back problems

Who can have reflexology?

Anyone, all ages from birth onward.

All conditions can be treated apart from DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

There are a few conditions that must be treated with caution, but a qualified reflexologist will know exactly what these are and what to do during treatment.

We have two excellent reflexologists working with the Centre -

Janeen Hunt trained with Ann Gillanders at the British School of Reflexology and with Anthony Porter, Director of A.R.T. She is a member of the International Federation of Reflexologists and on the register of Advanced Reflexology Treatment (A.R.T.).

Janeen specialises in fertility, pregnancy (pre and post natal), polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, and hormone imbalances. Janeen also treats a wide range of conditions including bowel, asthma, and allergies and brings to the center her great knowledge of breathing techniques to enhance recovery of respiratory and heart problems.
Her results, with both children and adults, have proven her to be a highly qualified practitioner.

Sarah Rogers M.A.R ART (regd.) Hons

Sarah has 15 years of clinical experience using very deep therapeutic techniques. Her specialist knowledge in pregnancy (pre and post natal), hormone balance, structural problems, migraine, stress and supporting cancer care facilitates change physically and emotionally in the individual.

She has worked closely with Tony Porter, the pioneer of the ARTS technique and set up and ran the Cheltenham School of Reflexology which was accredited by the Association of Reflexology.

Patricia Sterry trained with Ann Gillanders and graduated with Distinction from the British School of Reflexology.

Medically trained at Guy’s; a pathologist, herbalist and the founder of BCT, Tricia brings her wide knowledge of the physical, spiritual and emotional body to reflexology. Specialising in hormone and intestinal problems, she works with a wide range of conditions ranging from asthma, bowel, hormone problems, pre-natal and post-natal issues, to allergies, heart problems and the circulatory system.

Reflexology Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have heard reflexology can be harmful to pregnant women, is this true?

“No. With an experienced reflexologist, it is excellent for pregnant women. Studies have been carried out showing how the treatment can reduce blood pressure, help to break down and expel protein in the urine, help with the vast hormonal and emotional changes and reduce labour time by half! In my experience, labours I have attended using reflexology as pain relief, women giving birth for the first time have done so in eight hours!”


I am pregnant, how can you help me?

Studies have been done which show that reflexology in pregnancy reduces blood pressure, keeps protein out of urine, therefore significantly reducing the risk of pre-eclampsia. It reduces the length of labour, helps with pain relief and strengthens the pelvic ligaments. It helps with the hormonal and emotional changes as well as sleep, nausea, backache, indigestion, sinuses, and much more. The deep relaxation which is experienced helps too, as the baby benefits from this with a relaxed and well balanced environment to develop in.


I am overdue and heard you can induce the birth, is this true?

Yes. You will need an experienced reflexologist who knows what they are doing. I would over-stimulate the pituitary gland as well as acupuncture points and all the glands involved in labour. This technique has proven to be very successful.


What are the benefits for a new baby in reflexology?

Babies respond quickly to treatment. Reflexology can help colic, sleep issues, digestive problems, asthma, and eczema; all which lead to an unsettled baby.


How can reflexology help my Hormones?

The hormone system becomes sluggish for a variety of reasons. Reflexology stimulates whole endocrine system enabling it to function far more efficiently.


My Stomach is so swollen that I sometimes feel pregnant can you tell me why?

Through reflexology we are able to detect exactly where the bowel is congested and what it is not digesting. With the right dietary and supplement advice it is very possible to get the bowel working efficiently once more.


I wake up as tired as I go to sleep can you help me?

Lethargy is very often caused by our fast-paced life style, eating the wrong foods, not enough sleep and trying to burn the candle at both ends. With reflexology we are able to gently relax the whole system and see if there is more of an underlying problem of congestion.


My feet are so cold they feel as if they are going to fall off could you stop this?

Cold feet are very often caused by poor circulation. Reflexology is brilliant for stimulating blood flow to the extremities therefore warming them up.


Will I be told to stop my conventional medication?

No reflexologist on our team will ever advise you to stop your medication. We work in conjunction with any prescribed drugs.


I have Cancer and want to do both conventional and holistic treatment will you help?

Absolutely! We work with many clients who elect to take conventional drugs but want more support outside of their treatment.


I have Cancer and do not want conventional treatment will you treat me?

Our team believe totally in soul choice. We will discuss all options but will not try to persuade you against your choice at any time.


Will treatment hurt?

When we hit a point of congestion you may well feel a sharp pain in your foot.


Will I feel pain in my body?

Very few people experience pain in their body through the treatment, but some do experience strange sensations in corresponding areas.


Will I have any after effects of my treatment?

We will ask you to drink plenty of water after treatment, as a concentrated toxin release can bring on a headache. If we have been concentrating on the bowel you may experience a slight upset stomach for a day or two after treatment.


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