Emotional Causes of Physical Illness
Emotions play an integral role within our physical heath. Physical illness is often brought on as our conscious battles with emotional issues surrounding relationships, jobs, finance, and family.

We often use mental will power to consciously block out the emotional shocks we experience in life saying to ourselves, “Well, I’ll just think about that later”, or “I’ll put that on the back burner for now”, without actually realising that our back burner is our subconscious, which has already stored our unprocessed trauma as cellular memory.

When in a state of stress our bodies secrete the fight or flight hormones norepinephrine and cortisol. Every time we revisit the memory of a traumatic event, or of an unsolved issue we perceive as stressful, our cellular memory responds and floods our bodies with these hormones, leaving our immune systems exhausted and vulnerable to attack.

One of my clients with chronic asthma was two years old when his mother left. Mark held no conscious memory of his mother whatsoever. His father remarried when he was four. His step mother was a wonderful mother to him. She doted on his every whim and even though she had three other children he stated, “I was never treated any differently or made to feel in any way less special than her own children”.

At the age of 20 he married, “A wonderful woman, but our marriage only lasted 2 years and 2 months. I just couldn’t trust her. My obsession with where she was and who she was with drove her crazy, but I couldn’t stop myself. I truly believed she was going to leave me. I kept telling her, ‘You’re just like my mother!’. But Tricia, I never met my mother!”

Although Mark consciously remembered his stepmother's love, he still carried the cellular memory of the trauma of his birth mother's leaving. His subconscious expected the woman he loved to leave him and his cellular memory continuously prepared him for the event, weakening his immune system and manifesting chronic asthma.

Children also create illnesses to show us they feel there is something wrong in their world. Eating disorders, behavioural problems, physical illness, (whether in children or in adults) what is important is to find the trigger message hidden within the subconscious, find the perception causing the discomfort, release the emotion and then re-pattern the subconscious to work for and not against us.

Once Mark was able to see and resolve the trigger of abandonment, his subconscious was able to re-define his cellular memory, releasing the need of asthma. Mark’s asthma gradually cleared as he learned to draw towards him relationships built on trust and strength. Mark is now in a successful long term relationship.

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