Happy Holidays from all of us at The Tree of Life Centre!

We know some of you keep our annual attempts at frivolity and hope this 2009 Christmas Card merits a place in Collectors Corner! Over 100 shots were taken as ladders rattled in the wind and hats blew off. Tate went a bit grumpy when Linda wasn’t allowed to share her wand and refused to wear his hat! Unicorn Jake bless him, rose to “The Occasion of the Horn” and remained in character as all about him chaos reined. Even Lacy Mae got in the act but Tallie bored of our antics and opted for a warm dry corner on the sofa. We all had fun, got wet, cold, and crazy and hope you love the results.

We are here again at this time of celebration. How quickly it has come around, you blink and we are on the doorstep of 2010. Time feels to most like its speeding up and running away from us. 2010 is going to be a 3 year. This is a year of accomplishment, of joy and passion and a year to create and complete. With this energy comes a need for time structure, a need not to put off until tomorrow what which may be achieved today. Our challenge as humanity, through this exciting time of transition, is to push the boundaries of our comfort zone to gain an understanding of the bigger picture.

Tree of Life Winter News Update

Speaking of accomplishment…After 3 intensive years of training in BCT Congratulations to Abi McCluskey BCT (Distinction) and Val Nicolson BCT (Credit) on becoming certified BCT Therapists! With Tricia’s extremely high expectations it was a result well achieved!

The Centre this past year has experienced a baby boom; we have been privileged to work with helping many of you from conception through to birth. It has been wonderful to be part of such joyful and sometimes miraculous new beginnings. Of course those miraculous beginnings at some point hit a reality check and as part of an attempt to be there for all of you as you wangle your way through colic, sleepless nights, potty training and more; Tricia and Janeen have put together a “This Little Piggy went to Market”, Parent-Child Reflexology Day on Saturday April 24th from 10-2pm for children age 0-5 and their carers. We hope to see many of you there! Please see Tree of Life Workshop page for details!

2009 Apple Day

Many thanks to all of you who partied with us at the Centre on Apple Day! This year more of you joined us for the preparation and to all of you who did THANK YOU so much! It was a fabulous day with much laughter and delight and Jake pony is still so tired from his efforts that he insisted on becoming a Unicorn to cope!

Lisa Davy, who delighted participants at our August Apple Day with her card readings, will be back at the Centre on Saturday December 12th between 10am-4pm reading and interpreting Angel and Animal Cards for those of you who would like an insight into where your life is before the New Year. To book your ½ hour session please phone her on 07920004025 or 01684 594129. Readings cost £20.

Those of you who have been at the Centre since August will be aware that there is an aroma of the pub mingling next to Mel’s many herbal concoctions. This summer Beth and I decided it was time to buy our own apple press to make sure the juice would be completely organic and made exclusively from our orchards at just the right time.

This process of development lead to our validation of all the heritage trees in the orchard and for the first time we juiced the Peri pears and Cider apples and filled two year old whiskey barrels to make Lower Courts very first Organic Peri and Cider! We could make you laugh with the stories and the floods of juice which soaked the barn as the barrels popped and fizzed! May we add a quick massive thank you to Alex and Bao who pressed Peri through the night and to Jon and Lisa, Katie, Abi, Jane and Debra who picked and juiced through the day! The barrels should be
ready for drinking by Easter and we invite those of you who fancy an organic party to bring and fill your own bottles from directly from the barrels when it’s ready. We will give you a “heads up” closer to the time and then you can “bottom’s up” at home!

Try Something a bit Special for Christmas from Beth’s Kitchen

And for those of you looking for a non alcoholic warm festive drink with which to party please try our Apple Juice. At 2 bottles for a Fiver you can spoil family and friends who are driving on the night with this fabulous Festive recipe. Simply warm the apple juice on the stove, add some cinnamon sticks and cloves, (some like ginger as well!) then leave it to infuse (as you would mulled wine spices) for 15 minutes. Now, take it to your drinking temperature of choice, pour it into mugs and top it with whipped cream! A non alcoholic floater that smells and tastes like Christmas Heaven!

Also in the barn, on the shelves, rests the answer to the typical Cranberry sauce used for a tired Turkey…why not try our fabulous Damson and Beetroot Chutney which adds a zing to both meats and cheeses? There is also 60% fruit organic sugar Damson jam for Boxing Day breakfast and Elderberry and Apple Chutney to spice up leftovers, all the above at £1.50 a jar. Bon Appetite!

Those of you who find they have consumed a bit too much joy (and chocolate!) over the holidays have several “balancers” to choose from here at the Centre! Try one or both in the New Year...

Back by popular demand is Tricia’s famous “Safe Shit Syndrome” Bowel meets Brain Workshop which takes place in the barn on Saturday January 30th, 10-5pm and includes Beth’s bizarrely edible “Good for You!” lunch, snacks and tasters (see the Tree of Life workshop page for more information and reviews) Call Linda at the Centre to book and…

Val Nicholson is presenting a Tai Chi Taster Day in the barn on Sunday February 7th,
10-4pm for the fantastic price of £25. She tells us that this ancient Chinese art is a gentle form of exercise characterised by a series of slow, flowing movements and that we will learn the background and principles, standing meditation and the beautiful Twining Silk technique. She also assures us that Tai Chi benefits balance, posture and co-ordination and increases the mobility of joints and muscles, strengthens and improves immune function and stimulates the body’s healing process. Val, who has taught for the past 10 years and studied with senior teachers such as the world renowned Chen Xiao Wang, says to wear loose, comfortable clothing and soft-soled shoes and bring lunch! So for a great new all day physical energy experience in the barn book with Val on 01608652835.

A Present of Presence

This year, in response to repeated requests, Tricia is running (for the first time ever!)
a Spiritual Healing Day in the barn on Saturday February 27th from 10-4pm. This course is appropriate for both those who have never studied healing as well as those of you who have already begun the journey. Spiritual healing, when done correctly, enables you to become a channel of light energy that has the capacity to help a person heal themselves on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Tricia invites you to come and join her for a day of laughter and knowledge while you consolidate what you have learned with what you have yet to discover and/or understand in your efforts to find your own unique way of healing. Check the Tree of Life Workshops page for more details.

New Therapists join the team

The Centre has incoming! And what a great bunch they are! Check below for a quick introduction to this dedicated crew who now join Tricia, Mel, Janeen and Sarah to offer you the best in holistic medicine! Due to the state of the Christmas Fairy please book your appointments with these therapists directly. We hope some of them will be of interest to you and promise they will offer a fun informative pathway as you expand in your lives.

Abi McCluskey 07711664915
Abi brings her insider knowledge of working in the corporate world to her skills as a BCT therapist. Focused and direct whilst both warm and funny, her approach to BCT brings to the fore her ability to recognize and utilize symbols found within the subconscious mind.

Jane Dale 07740858308
Having trained with Mark Blausten, Mike Robinson and Lisbeth Skovmand Nielson, Jane holds Diplomas in Energy Healing, Advanced Colour healing, Chinese medicine and Auricular Acupuncture. Jane brings a warm and caring approach to her specialisation of the release and renewal of your energy fields and treating acute and chronic pain.

Wesley Tan 01452770836 / 07792510682
Tuesdays 9am-4pm
Trained at the British School of Osteopathy, Wesley defines his work as “not just simply about the manipulation of muscles and bones”. He says that Osteopathy’s real aim is to find health through a thorough knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology combined with a highly developed sense of touch that is both gentle and yet firm. He achieves exceptional results in adjusting the abnormal to the normal.

Nikki Baabs 07970120430
Nicky holds a post graduate diploma from the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling and is a member of the BACP. She offers Humanistic and Integrative counselling for those over the age of 18. Her warm and empathetic nature brings people to her that wish to explore their emotions and problems from different perspectives using a traditional approach.

Christmas Celebrations in the Barn put on hold this year

This Christmas we are taking a family break in New Zealand, keen to feel its energies and expansion in this time of change. Although we won’t be able to “Star Wish” with you on the Centre Christmas Tree we ask you to remember to send your wishes and dreams into the universe, secure in the knowledge that we are all protected and supported by our light at all times.


To you “webbies” (as 2 yr old Tate calls the computer literate) we apologize for the delay in the creation of our interactive website. Many suggestions have been made but as yet a version that works for us has not yet been finalized. We ARE working on it. In the meantime please email or call Linda at the Centre for updates on courses and events.

And Finally…

As 2009 draws to a close we wish you a wonderful Christmas and in 2010 a very Happy New Year of growth, happiness and joy.

With much love,

Tricia, Beth & Tate


Copyright Patricia Sterry 2015