Patricia Sterry
Meet Patricia Sterry...
Patricia is a woman driven in her passion to understand the workings and interaction between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Educated at Leeds as a research pathologist, at the age of 25 Ms. Sterry won the Queen's Award with her team for her research on the brain.

Gathering information on the physical brain increased her fascination with patterns and codes. A PhD in Psychology brought invaluable understanding while adding to her frustration with the limitations of systems that categorize instead of individualize the human being.

Counseling victims and perpetrators of abuse, working with people experiencing the life crisis of addictions, the of death of loved ones, the anxiety of financial worry, the disappointment of relationships; all these brought home to her the absolute necessity of helping the individual both in dealing with the emotion involved in trauma and understanding the individual patterns that contribute to those lessons.

In 1985 Patricia developed a centre for children who had been born blind and deaf. Her work and research with these amazing children confirmed in her mind that each soul has an individual journey.

Her next challenge was to discover and understand why individuals choose their journeys.

Having been born into a family of spiritualists she had experienced the work of trance mediums from an early age. Her work had brought her to a point of looking for physical evidence of the spiritual connections and of her own innate abilities to "see".

Her continued study added further certification with distinction in reflexology and herbalism, and in 1984 she took on the role of placing alternative therapists within the NHS.

In 1986 Ms Sterry went to teach with Doris Stokes and Harry Edwards at the Psychic College in London, and together with them wrote the code of conduct for psychics in the UK.

By 1989 Patricia Sterry had created the system we know today as Block Clearance. This unique method addresses the interlinked physical, emotional and spiritual systems within the conscious/subconscious mind.

In 1995 she opened The Tree of Life Centre in Cheltenham working individually with private clients, children and adults whilst bringing together therapists able to work at the highest levels of holistic healing.

In 2002, due to demand, Ms Sterry began teaching therapists the BCT system. Qualified therapists are licensed, and work under a code of conduct.

2005 saw the creation of The Block Clearance Foundation which offers BCT workshops, personal discovery courses and corporate training, as well as the initial training and continuation training of BCT therapists.

It also signalled the move of The Tree of Life Centre to the Barn at Lower Court where those experiencing treatments, consultations and workshops can do so within a tranquil and positive environment offering wildlife ponds, gardens and orchards.

In 2006 Patricia Sterry worked with Firescape in a program which offers a way forward for pupils who have been excluded from school.

2007 has seen the development of Spa for the Spirit and an increase in her work with corporations. As ever the future will bring more to learn and more to share.

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