BCT - Individual Consultations
Individual sessions offer you an opportunity to work with a BCT practitioner to discover the lesson behind any issue that arises in your life. We ask the question, “Why as individuals do we choose such harsh experiences?” and find the answers not in judgement or blame of others or ourselves but through the knowledge that we choose our experiences for our greatest growth, and need only to understand our lessons to move forward. Your session begins by us listening to the information you choose to share with us -
  • We will ask you if you are asthmatic or epileptic, what prescription medications you are currently taking and about any other drugs you may be using.
  • We will ask you to share with us the issue that has brought you to us, and then for your story; experiences that come to mind from your childhood (both at home and at school), any family history that you feel is important, work issues that come to mind, and about your goals and aspirations. Our intent is to understand where it is that you feel you are stuck and unable to move forward.
  • Based on our conversation we will formulate the question which will be asked of subconscious during your session.
  • We then go with you into a visualisation which will allow you and your therapist to access your subconscious records. This journey can take us to any record within the subconscious that you need to find in order to understand the nature of the block, the situation which created the block and the understanding of why the subconscious believes it is important to hold the current situation without change.
  • You will be fully aware during this process, and speaking normally with your therapist. The subconscious will be "downloading" directly to your conscious mind.
  • After your visualisation you and your therapist will discuss the information received, the realisations that have taken place and the lessons that have been understood.
  • You will then be given specific affirmations which will link directly to the subconscious block that has been cleared

Important points for your clearing:

  • All information is strictly confidential.
  • If you are asthmatic or epileptic it is important that we are informed so that we can monitor your breathing patterns during visualisation.
  • If you are currently on a prescription of lithium we will not be able to take you on a visualisation. You can however work with a therapist on a conscious level.
  • If you are currently using or addicted to heroin or cocaine you can be cleared only if you have not used within the 12 hour period before your appointment.
  • If your are interested in help with alcohol addiction it is important that you allow 12 hours to elapse after your last drink, before coming to your session.

For information on children in clearing, number of sessions needed and additional enquiries, please see our FAQs.

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