Out of the void of darkness into light...
How does Block Clearance Therapy (BCT) work?
BCT develops an understanding and interaction with the partnership of our conscious and subconscious mind.

Think of your conscious mind as a floppy disc which holds the complete record of your daily experiences; every second, every minute, every hour. Your memories are made up not only of your physical actions, but also of the associated feelings, thoughts, and emotions you experienced while performing those actions.

For example, your focus point in an event may be visual but your sense of smell, the sounds behind, the temperature, who you were with in the event; all of these will contribute to the record and be stored on your floppy disc.

As human beings we use our conscious brain to “reason out” our perceptions about what was positive or negative in any given situation. We decide whether is was pleasurable or distasteful, worth repeating, or something never to be done again.

Every night while we sleep, the conscious mind downloads these perceptions of truth onto the hard drive of our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind does not reason. Its job is to hold as fact the perception or belief system taken on by the conscious mind. The overriding job of your subconscious is to keep you safe and it firmly believes that:

“The devil you know is better than the devil you don't!”

Your subconscious firmly believes that understanding how to cope with living in a bad or difficult situation is safer for you than the unknown… change.

Perception patterns begin from the moment we enter the world and start to learn.

A child lying in a cot begins to learn cause and effect. The child cries and the parent comes. Or, the child cries and the parent doesn't come. Perhaps the parent is exhausted, or perhaps the parent has decided to set boundaries. Perhaps the parent decides to respond at the first sound because they worry that something is wrong, or because they feel a responsibility to respond that later leaves them exhausted and grumpy as the day wears on.

Every parent knows the reasons behind why or why not he or she responds, but our child does not know, and creates its own perceptions; “If I cause trouble I get attention” or "Nobody loves me, nobody hears me, nobody understands me", or "I am the most important person in this household", or "I am safe and secure and loved".

We build perceptions each moment of every day; at work, in school, in our relationships with our siblings, parents, friends, our partners and with our children. These perceptions build our realities. As human beings our Neurological system of building knowledge can work very well, as long as the perception pattern taken on by the subconscious mind remains consistent and positive.

But what happens when life presents you with the need for change? Remember, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don't!”

Once the subconscious hard drive has downloaded a conscious perception as a pattern of fact it will fight to continue to run that pattern regardless of the changes that you consciously need or choose to make later in your life.

Perhaps someone has grown up watching relationships which are based in conflict. Subconsciously they understand how to “do those kind” of relationships and without consciously being aware will pick partners which fit the pattern of conflict. Then one day they meet someone they adore who has been brought up in a non confrontational childhood. They can find themselves starting arguments and picking fault even though they desperately want the relationship to succeed. The hard drive file labelled e.g., "relationships" cannot update and correlate a new and different pattern into the long-established “relationships” file.

The resulting conflict leaves one feeling powerless, unable to make decisions, find the way forward, break habits or phobias. The resulting frustration and exhaustion leads to a block, an internal fight to stay focused without achieving a result. This can bring with it feelings of guilt, depression, self-loathing, anger, self destruction, isolation and physical illness.

"This file is a read-only file... see administrator"

Very much like a computer, when people attempt to make changes in their lives the conscious and subconscious mind can go into battle. Only you, as the administrator of your own subconscious, can make effective long-term changes.

In Block Clearance you,"the subconscious administrator" are taken up to the records on your hard drive where you will see the blocked file and how it has been created. This gives you a chance to access your perceptions of events which created the block.

You will see the emotions you associated with those perceptions like "a fly on the wall", watching events as they unfolded while looking down from a birds eye view. Once you can see the "Why" behind the event you can then understand the lessons your subconscious believed it learned and held as a factual pattern to keep you safe.

If these patterns are no longer serving you then you, along with your therapist, are able to upgrade the disc. You will then be given the tools to re-pattern your subconscious with a new file in your hard drive, using the information and understanding that better serves you at this time.

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