Frequently-asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I be hypnotised?

BCT works very differently than Hypnosis. Hypnosis works on an override system. In hypnosis the client is taken “down” to allow the therapist to take control of the subconscious.

With BCT we do not hypnotise or take control. BCT works through a processes of visualisation that leaves you a background awareness of your surroundings. At any point you can open your eyes, move your hands and feet, or stop the process.

BCT takes you “up” to your subconscious. There you deal directly with an issue that you see for yourself. Having understood the issue and the emotional pattern behind it, you can then make effective choices to promote the changes you seek.

Can BCT work with Children?

99% of Children visualise brilliantly and they find being able to "see" fascinating. Because children usually want what ever is bothering them to "stop" or to "change" they open themselves to an experience that works with no pre conceived ideas.

BCT does not take part in the culture of "blame". We look for the issue that is causing concern, the lessons to learned from that issue, the patterns that have been set up during that process and how to take self responsibility for growth. We also look for what is the reality of an issue and what is the perception of the issue and work to show the subconscious/conscious how to distinguish the difference. We will not work with children in past life before they are 16 years old.

Does BCT work with past life?

Some people believe in past life and some do not. Using BCT you do have the ability to journey back through your subconscious into your akashic records. These hold your entire soul journey. BCT offers you a chance to access blocks and their lessons within this lifetime. It also offers the chance to go further should you so choose.

Will I have to re-live my trauma?

BCT does believe that the emotion associated with an event is extremely important. BCT acknowledges the emotion, but does so from the perspective of "a fly on the wall". You will see yourself in the situation, you will understand the emotion, but you have the distance of "one step removed". Some individuals do become emotional during the clearing but as the lesson is understood the emotion clears into one of relief. At no time is a client left in subconscious/conscious distress.

What if I can't "see"?

Close your eyes and remember a happy moment in your life. As you remember this moment pay attention to how it makes you feel. Does it make you smile? Or make you feel warm inside? You may remember snippets of conversation or that it was raining or sunny. This is the ability to "see".

Do you remember the saying, "I just saw red!"

Some people "see" in thought. They "think" their scene rather than "seeing" it. Thoughts just appear in their mind. Some people "see" when they feel. If asked what colour that feeling was, they might say red.

If you have an overriding fear of "seeing" it is within our ability to be able to see for you. Our job is then to move you forward by removing whatever it is that you are afraid to see so that you will be able to see for yourself.

What if I don't want you to be able to "see" inside me?

Remember, the main job of your subconscious is to keep you safe. Your subconscious will not show us anything you/it does not want us to see.

I hate my father! What if I "see" him?

Any aspect of any person that is seen through clearing is there to show us an issue, so if we did "see" dad we would ask him what he'd come to tell us and then we would ask him to leave.

I cannot remember my childhood, how would I know what to deal with?

BCT requires no memory of childhood as subconscious directs us back to an age and once we have entered that age we are shown the issue.


With BCT, you are in control. BCT works through a step by step process which un-layers an issue at the speed that you can consciously deal with. As you build understanding of your issues and the emotions behind them you will gain trust and confidence both in yourself and your therapist and will be able to move forward without fear.

But what if I discover I've done something bad?

All soul journeys are about experiencing every emotion - love, hate, jealousy, revenge, joy… We have all had lifetimes where we have done something "bad" or negative. We choose these lifetimes to show us that to behave in a negative way hinders our soul growth. Our problems begin when we get caught in a pattern of self-punishment that extends from these lifetimes. We know we are not really a "bad" person but feel that somewhere within us there is a dark side which creates thoughts and feelings which no one else sees or knows about. By understanding the negative lifetime we are still subconsciously running, we are able to re-pattern these dark experiences into positive change.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends entirely on the number of issues you wish to deal with and to the depth of understanding you wish to reach. Each of us has a unique soul journey. You can choose to discover the outer layers or choose to unravel your entire journey.

When people come for a specific problem they are now encountering in their life sometimes one session will offer them a clear understanding. For others four or five sessions will be needed. There is no set "time limit". Each of us learns at a different pace and in a different way. The object of a BCT therapist is to reach the point of understanding for each individual as quickly as possible. You are in charge and can book appointments as you feel necessary.

Those of you who become fascinated with the working of the subconscious mind and wish to work independently of a therapist can learn to clear yourselves by attending our Foundation courses, to learn more and then progress to a Self-Clearing course if you wish.

What is Karma?

Karma is an eastern term used to express the scientific law of cause and effect. Our actions in one lifetime need to be balanced through our actions within subsequent lifetimes.

I live in America; is it possible for me to have an intensive block of BCT sessions?

Patricia has clients based all over the world who come for Block Clearance sessions. Usually we book one double session per day for the period of their stay. Some people combine their sessions with a visit to one of the many festivals held in the Cheltenham area (for example, have a look at

Limited accommodation is available at the Centre, but there is an abundance of excellent B & B’s and hotels in the area. See our map link on the Contact/Find us page for more details.

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