BCT Courses - Overview
Welcome to your opportunity to begin the exploration of your subconscious mind. I am pleased that you have found us and excited at the possibility of sharing a lifetime's work with you.

The Block Clearance Foundation now offers a range of courses designed to enhance your knowledge of self discovery, and to form a basis of knowledge to continue with Block Clearance techniques.

We begin our courses by offering a weekend series of five BCT Workshops. You can participate by enrolling for those individual weekends that fill your needs or by booking the full course of all five.

There are those of you who will find yourselves wanting to attend these courses solely to acquire a better understanding of your personal soul journey; the purpose of your goals and dreams, of why you chose the families you did, the experiences you have had, the relationships in your life that have brought with them both love and struggle, the addictions, the illnesses experienced by yourself or others, or the abusive situations that you find yourself experiencing today.

There will be some of you who will wish to continue with further courses and will use Block Clearance techniques either to learn to clear for yourself or to enhance the varied therapies you work with today.

There will be others who will choose to become certified licensed Block Clearance therapists.

Wherever Block Clearance takes you, I assure you fascination and amazement learning how the subconscious mind patterns to keep us "safe".

Weekend BCT Workshops lay the basic foundation for all BCT training, and can be booked individually or as a five month course. When used for personal enhancement, the weekends are a non-exam course.

Those of you who wish to continue with the Personal Discovery will need the information gained from attending all five Foundation courses before attending the Personal Discovery course. Personal Discovery is a non-exam course.

Those of you who wish to continue on to certification and licensing (either to use Block Clearance techniques within your existing therapies or to continue on as Block Clearance Therapists) will need to attend all five Foundation courses and pass an exam based on their content.

Please now click on the individual course links at left for a more detailed description of course content.

Block Clearance is a licensed and internationally trademarked foundation. Please feel free to call Linda at the Foundation for further information regarding course schedules and fees.

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