Block Clearance Corporate Training (BCCT)
Corporate Course Feedback

To say I was sceptical about taking a weekend out of my own time to do a two day positive attitude course would be an understatement. But I was very surprised. Not only did it bring me and my work colleagues closer together as a group but it improved my individual work rate and efficiency. In the weeks and months after the course I found myself much more focused and determined to achieve at my job. Trish and Beth were not only very clever at examining my personal problems but showed me how that affected me in the work place. There is no doubt in my mind that the course has improved my success, not only in my personal life but also in my career. I would recommend this course to anyone, at any stage of their life, irrespective of what career they are in.  

The 2 day course to me was a breath of fresh air. I found the pre-suppositions very interesting and this is the main point that sticks in my mind the most from the course. I have them on my desk at all times and find they have a way of making sure the customers listen and are interested in what I have to say when I use them during a call. A really fantastic experience.  

The weekend that Trish came we touched on a number of subjects that relate to the sales environment. I found the whole weekend intriguing from the start.  The presuppositions have helped me to work with our sales and the whole weekend proved a positive experience for our sales team as a whole.   

As a natural Sceptic, when it was announced that we were to take part in a weekend of Spiritual “Self Finding” and Numerology my first thoughts were “I think I feel a sicky coming on”. However I managed to talk myself into going and have never been as happy with any decision in my life, the complete positivity that now flows through our working environment is incredible.

Personally, I have benefited massively with my work rate to the point where procrastination has now become a chore. Also my daily duties include a lot of talking to clients and the methods we learned of dealing with objections and questions in a way that speaks to people subconscious mind in a positive and reassuring way has made my job both easier and more successful in all aspects. I truly can’t say enough about their course, both Trish and Beth were incredibly patient amazingly knowledgeable and I continue to see them on a personal level regularly.    

Since attending the Tree of Life course, the changes that have affected my life both in the work place and on a personal level have been amazing. I now find myself being able to easily deal with situations that would have presented an obstacle prior to the course.
It raised issues in my life that ordinary I wouldn’t have seen and both Beth and Tricia have given the ability to put closure on these issues and now I feel that the sky is the limit and I visit Tricia on a regular basis while striving for continued personal improvement.   

Our bond within the team has got stronger and become more focused.  Our sales have increased.
Our whole structure of how we work has been changed. It’s improved our efficiency and overall benefits to maximise the results for our clients

Adam Wilson
Before I arrived I had a very open mind about the course in general and meeting Patricia. I was right to do so.  Since completing the course I have felt fulfilled both on a work and personal level. I feel more relaxed and confident in my own ability just by doing a few of the things Patricia suggested.
As an added bonus, the course definitely brought my colleagues and me closer together on a personal and business level. I now visit the Tree of life centre and Patricia and Beth on a regular basis and I really cannot put in writing how much they have helped me realise my potential and made me feel more balanced and content. 

What makes BCCT this Successful?

Negative Energy in the workplace is often an unaddressed quantity but its absolute ability to effect personal and team performance through poor communication, apathy, disillusionment and power battles dramatically effects your companies bottom line.

The highs and lows experienced through positive or negative sales results, business meetings, and the lack of personal responsibility within team projects can have a devastating effect on both corporate and personal productivity and creativity.

Fun, Informative, Focused and Effective, Block Clearance Team Training brings people insight into the effect our subconscious patterning plays with our emotions as it creates positive and negative energy in the workplace.

Our job and our passion is to provide your team with the comprehension that emotional reactions are a subconscious response to learned patterning and then to present the tools and offer the skills needed to change negative concepts into positive results.

Learned subconscious patterning reflects on work performance
through positive or negative reactions towards:

  • Colleague interaction
  • Client interaction
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Responses to new situations & challenges
  • Choices to stay and grow with a company
  • Absenteeism
How can BCT help your team?
  • Listening skills
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding of how subconscious
     Trigger Words effect your team and your clients
  • Positive energy and body language skills
  • Use of Presupposition – how it can work for and against you
Specifically, we -
  • Identify negative subconscious patterning affecting your team
  • Dissect communication perceptions within the team
  • Demonstrate how pre-programmed life patterns affect group situations
  • Explore the culture of blame versus the benefits of self-responsibility
  • Identify inward and outward personal and team reactions to positive and negative concepts
  • Explain why individuals self-sabotage in a team environment
  • Explore the labels and masks that lead to “bullying” within a team
  • Show how negative or positive body energy affects their creative ideas
  • Teach the magic of tone and intonation to create positive subconscious responses when selling new ideas and products to teams and clients
  • Explain the emotional causes behind their illness-related absences
  • Identify the “Who am I?”.. and show how to convert that into.. “What can I contribute?

Programs are individually designed to offer information in a fun and constructive way that leaves an impact long after the sessions finish.  We work in consultation with your organisation to balance the needs of your team through a varied program which can include any combination of:

  • Private sessions
  • Knowledge-building workshops
  • Interactive group discussion
Courses are available for -
  • Management
  • Established Team Units
  • Sales staff
Depending on your company schedules, programs can be structured as -
  • Five-day intensives
  • A series of one-day workshops
  • Weekend workshops
These can take place as -
  • Cost-effective in-house programs
  • Off-site at the location of your choice
  • On-site here at the Block Clearance Training Foundation
For more information please call us on 01242 680540 and Linda will arrange a time for Beth or Tricia to speak and/or meet with you. We look forward to working with your team.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

Q. “I am interested in a series of one-day workshops or a five-day group intensive for my company. What would that look like?”  
A. What makes our program special is our complete understanding that teams are made up of individuals.  Instead of trying to force square pegs into round holes with “one program fits all” solutions, we work with individuals to find the answers you need to create the fantastic team you want.  You may be interested in a program to increase overall understanding of the subconscious mind or you may have identified a specific area you wish to target.
Whichever workshop interests you Patricia Sterry will begin by meeting with you to listen to and identify with you what specific goals and group targets you wish to attain. Programs are then individually designed to balance the needs of your organisation.    

Q. “This all sounds quite intense.  I want to have my team to bond in a fun day out.”
A. There is nothing as fun as fascination and the subconscious mind is just that! 
We use interactive games and projects which define the indefinable and the buzz that results brings out the “Wow!” in us all.  Better yet, the knowledge and team spirit that comes with the day is directly applicable to your working environment. 

Q. “Can BCT be incorporated into our company's outward bound team-building course?”
A. Yes, courses are easily transportable to the location of your choice. If you wish to have a day of physical interaction and add a day of mental stimulation we are happy to bring our knowledge to you.  All that is needed is a group of people who are interested to learn how to interact on a more constructive level. 

Q. “What facilities do you offer for on site training?”  
A. Courses take place in a beautiful 16th-Century barn situated just 5 minutes from Cheltenham. Kitchen facilities are available and catering can be arranged. The area hosts many fine hotels and local B & B’s. Cultural activities, shopping, sporting facilities and fine dining all exist within easy reach of our venue. On our Contact/Find us page, there is a link to a detailed map containing a wealth of information on our local area; for example, have a look at If you have any particular questions, please feel free to contact Linda directly here at the Centre and she will by happy to find a time when you can speak directly with Tricia.

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