Client Feedback
Tony Reynolds

Do you live your life wondering why everyone else gets things wrong, why they don't understand you or why your relationships at home and work are not as good as you want them to be? That is where I had ended up.... and one day I suddenly realised that if things were to get better it was me who needed to change - I had adopted the wrong perspective on things and had an inappropriate balance in my life, it was a very frightening place to be. I knew that I needed help & advice if I was to 'sort things out' and improve the way I felt about life. I tried a variety of approaches & techniques but made little progress, then by chance someone recommended Block Clearance Therapy, I made an appointment not sure what to expect.

In my first session with Tricia I discovered that there was a solution, a way to understand and address the issues that I had become burdened with in my life. Most of all it made me realise that there was a whole aspect of life that I had never allowed myself to experience. Since that session I have been a regular client of 'The Tree of Life Centre' it has helped me to recognise the aspects of my self that I need to explore, understand and improve. This has lead to a substantial improvement in my quality of life and I am certainly a more balanced person. The frustration, anger and aggression that I wrestled with for so much of my life has disappeared, I am taking responsibility for my decisions in life and have discovered so much more about the world since BCT helped to open up my mind.

I have recommended BCT to a number of my friends, each one has called me immediately after their initial session to say thank you and to confirm that it has had an immediate impact.

Put simply, Block Clearance Therapy has transformed my life.

Ed Archer

Tricia and Block Clearance Therapy have been a revelation to me and done more than anything I have encountered in this lifetime to give me understanding of my soul's journey. I have learned love, confidence and strength beyond my expectations. Through BCT, Tricia continues to guide me on a happier, more fulfilling path and has empowered me with a growing knowledge of our spiritual connections. BCT is invaluable to all who would know the satisfaction of spiritual, emotional and physical well being, and want to enjoy the celebration of life that goes with following the heart.

Katie Murray

I want to thank you for the help I have received. BCT has allowed me to open my heart for the first time in my life. I feel you have helped me change my life from a destructive path to a constructive enlightened path. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.


I came from a family where there was always someone at fault, something you or someone else had done wrong. I realise now we lived in a home of either blame or guilt. What was amazing about working with Tricia was that for the first time, all the things that had happened in my life were more than 'bad' or 'good'. She showed me a process that allowed me to see how the puzzle fits together. It's fascinating, empowering, and it has changed my life.


My mother always said, 'Never trust a shrink.. they manipulate you and tell you what to think'. I never thought I would go to anyone for help. Then one day, I met someone who had been to see Patricia Sterry. I didn't recognize them. I asked what had happened in their life and they told me about Block Clearance. I decided that if they could change so dramatically, I needed to take a look at this system. It has been amazing. You see things for yourself.. experiences you have had, but from a different perspective. You aren't told about them, you just re-experience them and find yourself thinking, "Oh that's why that happened and that's why I did that.." and your life becomes clearer and more powerful. I've discovered humour and joy even in my hectic world. It's been great for my business and brilliant for my family. I can never thank her enough.

Maria Woods

Block Clearance has been a life saver for me. I started in individual sessions with Patricia Sterry and found the process so fascinating that I have continued by taking the courses. Block Clearance gives me the opportunity to recognise patterns in myself and in others. The non-judgemental approach means that I can change things responsibly without castigating myself or anyone else. It's brilliant!

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