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The (2017) Five Weekend Workshop Series

This series of five weekend workshops offer a fun, but intensely informative look at the many dimensions that make up our “self”. They can be taken in any sequence, and can be booked as individual weekends or as a complete course.

Each unit is designed to offer you benefits and insights that will directly impact on your relationships with your “self”, your family, friends and colleagues.

Weekend One: Exploring the Energy of the Body

Saturday March 18th & Sunday 19th , 10-5 pm

  • Pendulums and the mystery behind them. Using pendulums for allergy testing - discover what or who you are allergic to: emotionally and physically. Using pendulums for self-questioning. Learn how to "ask" your pendulum.
  • Working with the seven chakra system. Learn how these chakras spin, whether they are correctly balanced, and how to re-balance and cleanse blockages which lead to illness and lack of intuition.
  • Meridian lines and energy fields, derived from Chinese acupuncture; understanding the structure and interaction of meridian lines shows us where we hold physical blocks within our bodies.
  • Many people say, “I can't see!”. Every person can see! Discover how you see.
  • Intuition and confidence exercises. Techniques to enhance visualisation.
  • Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, and Clairsentience. Discover how to develop these skills and enhance your strongest gift.
  • Basic Psychometry. Develops your ability to link to another person's energy through an object they have worn.

In our search to understand the connection of our physical and spiritual selves we often ask for "proof" that energies do exist. In day one of this course, Patricia Sterry explores pendulum techniques that enable us to experience visual confirmation of the physical and spiritual energies that flow through our bodies.

Day two finds you bringing this understanding to the development of "inner sight"; imagery within the third eye. Exercises and visualisation techniques are combined to strengthen our perceptive intuition and psychic abilities.



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Weekend Two: Understanding the subconscious symbols (how to interpret the subtle messages of your inner mind)

Saturday April 22nd & Sunday 23rd, 10-5 pm

  • The meanings behind colours and objects
  • How to interpret what you see and feel
  • Guided visualisation of colours and objects with personalised interpretation
  • Work with the ancient hidden messages in animals and trees
  • Discover your nine totem animals and how they influence your path
  • Guided visualisations, with personalised interpretation

Your subconscious mind holds a vast knowledge of symbology which consciously you have forgotten how to interpret. Through your meditations, visualisations and dreams, the subconscious is constantly giving you messages that can not only help you to understand where you are, but will also help you to decide your best course of action forward. This course offers you the knowledge of what your subconscious is really telling you.



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Weekend Three: Understanding Guides, Ghosts, Stuck Spirits & Entities - Experiencing Ley Lines – their power and dynamics

Saturday May 20th & Sunday 21st, 10-5 pm

  • What happens when we die
  • Working with entities - how do they attach and why
  • Protection techniques - understanding why protection is so important
  • The difference between ghosts and spirits, and their significance
  • Ley Line Field Trip
  • Meeting and working with guides
  • Question and answer time with your guide
  • Interpretations, demonstrations and explanations

There are many more dimensions to our world other than the one we can see, feel, hear and touch. Right next door to you, now, where you sit, there is a complete other world going on and beyond that world... another. Come and discover these other worlds. The spirits you do want to talk to and those that you don't! Day two of this course finds us discovering the magical power of energy lines.  Our field trip takes us on a hands-on practical adventure into the geopathic energy fields that affect our daily lives.



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Weekend Four: Explaining the subconscious mind - how it patterns to keep you “Safe”

Saturday June 17th & Sunday 18th, 10-5 pm

  • Understanding Karmic debts and Life Path discovery
  • Introduction to Numerology
  • Emotional causes behind physical illnesses
  • Affirmations and re-patterning the subconscious
  • Guided visualisation to find an aspect of the self that needs to be understood and re-patterned

Every soul comes into this life with its own unique pathway. The day that we are born, the name that we are given all hold clues as to what we have chosen to experience in this life time. It is every souls greatest challenge to achieve a balanced responsibility of the self. Discover the clues that you were born with, what your physical illness's are telling you and how to re-pattern the thought processes you hold in your subconscious that no longer serve you.



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Weekend Five: Soul Responsibility and Past Lives

Saturday July 15th & Sunday 16th, 10-5 pm

  • Understanding pathways and our own Soul Responsibility upon them
  • Why we choose our mothers, fathers, partners and children
  • Defining your success and purpose
  • Demonstration of Past Lives, with class participation

Soul Responsibility is the ultimate goal for all of us within this life time. It can be difficult to accept that we choose every experience whether negative or positive for our greatest growth. The key is to be able to see our lesson; understand it, learn from it and then move on. This course helps you define the why's and how's which leads you to an appreciation of the task your soul has undertaken. Patricia will offer volunteers on this course an opportunity to solve an issue from a past life that is inhibiting their soul growth in this lifetime.



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A full two-day weekend costs £170 (which includes all course materials), or you can book the series of all five for £750. Gift certificates are available for all or part of any weekend course.

Please feel free to call Linda at the Centre for further information regarding course availability and fees.


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