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Welcome to the home page of The Block Clearance Foundation and The Tree of Life Centre. We want the information that you find here to help you with your initial enquiries.

Then, as we are a people service, we invite you to pick up the phone.

When you do, you will find yourself in contact Linda, our secretary here at The BCT Foundation and The Tree of Life Centre.

Knowledgeable and cheerful, Linda will be happy to help with further information on Individual Appointments, Course schedules and availability, Spa for the Spirit breaks, directions to the centre, as well as with the individual questions and requirements you are sure to have.

Patricia Sterry founded The Tree of Life Centre in 1995 to offer quality services from highly qualified holistic practitioners in complementary medicine. The therapists who work at the centre are certified, licensed and chosen from the best in the UK. Their sole aim is to offer you the skills and the tools to assist your body and mind to reach and maintain their full potential.

In 2005 the intense interest and success surrounding Block Clearance and its innovative work within the subconscious led to the establishment of The Block Clearance Foundation and of The Block Clearance Association. The Foundation is the home of BCT training programs which include workshops, courses, corporate programs and therapist training.

There are those of us struggling with relationships or career decisions, physical illnesses, depression, traumas, abuse or addictions.

There are those of us who simply want to explore our lives. "Why was I born?", "What am I here for?" or "How do I move myself forward?"

Over the last 20 years Patricia Sterry has personally helped more than 8,000 unique individuals, children and adults, find solutions to life's endless challenges.

In 2007 requests from fast paced professionals in the UK as well as the many coming from abroad led to Lower Court creating “Spa for the Spirit”. These breaks, whether for two days or a week, now allow people from all walks of life to redress and refresh their balance physically, mentally and spiritually in a place of relaxation and peace.

We invite you to click on the links on your left to discover more about Patricia Sterry, Block Clearance, the various Therapies and Therapists, Spa for the Spirit and all of the excellent Courses and Workshops available to you here at the Centre.

Thank you for visiting us - we look forward to hearing from you.

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